Arctic Energy Development, LLC is a woman owned business enterprise and is the only full-service business development consultant with expertise specifically focused in Alaska's Oil and Gas Industry.  Our employees, members, and associates have worked the majority of their careers in this unique market, and have a deep understanding of what it takes to get work done in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.  

We pride ourselves in matching our clients with customers and contracts that will help all parties succeed.  We love sharing our relationships that have been forged over decades to build successful businesses, and all of our staff has the hands-on experience doing just that.

We believe it is imperative that our clients show their best side in all forums, and assist in not only the relationship and people side, but also written business development services.  Our staff has years of experience putting together professional solicited and unsolicited proposals and working through contract negotiations.  We also support clients in the development of RFPs and working with their operations teams to translate their needs into a document that potential contractors understand.

Finally, once a contract is ready to be executed, our team helps with start-up and familiarization of the area and client expectations.  With  years of proven arctic experience, we help our clients become familiarized with the area and players, so that they become successful key players in the Alaska Oil and Gas Industry.

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